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AIM Encryption Certificate Generator

You can use this tool to generate a security certificate file that you can import into AIM. You can then have encrypted conversations with any other member who also has imported a security certificate. The certificates produced by this tool are generated on demand, and no two certificates will share the same private key. This means that the certificates produced here are much more secure than the one certificate being mass distributed at aimencrypt.com.

Enter your full name as you want it to appear on your certificate:

Enter a password with which to encrypt your certificate:

(press only once, then wait)

As generating private keys puts some stress on the server, I would ask that you please use this tool only once and put your certificate file somewhere safe so you will not have to return. Also, due to the nature of certificates, if you lose yours and have to make another, no one will trust you until they accept your new certificate, so it's best not to lose it. Conversely, don't let anyone else get their hands on it or they can pretend to be you in a very believable way!

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