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DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee 1.0.1

screen shot [9.41 KB]This screen saver is a remake of the classic Marquee screen saver that comes with Windows. However, the original Marquee was programmed using the Windows GDI and suffers from noticeable jitter. DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee uses DirectDraw to produce very smooth scrolling. Additionally, it supports multiple strings to scroll, and text and screen colors are not limited to the 16 color palette. A "line prestart" feature allows a new line to start scrolling on before the previous line has completely scrolled off. DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee requires DirectX 7.0 or later.

Changes in version 1.0.1: (released 15-May-2003)

  • Corrected several small DirectDraw issues
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the screen saver to hang when exiting
  • Increased limit on prestart value to 4 digits
  • Now automatically limits prestart to the current horizontal resolution

Download DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee - ANSI build (8.29 KB)
for versions of Windows without Unicode support, such as Windows 98/ME

Download DirectDraw Scrolling Marquee - Unicode build (8.28 KB)
for versions of Windows with Unicode support, such as Windows 2000/XP

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