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OpenTracker is a simplistic, lightweight, standards-compliant BitTorrent peer tracker. It is written in PHP and requires only a single MySQL table to function. It does not create or use files on disk, nor is it a continuously executing process, making it ideal for virtual web hosts.

Compared with other popular trackers, OpenTracker is limited. It provides no interface for searching or viewing files or statistics. Rather, it is purely a tracker, plain and simple, which in many cases is just what is wanted.

OpenTracker employs no form of pre-registration or authorization. It tracks torrent swarms blindly without first requiring seeders to upload torrent files. In order to use the tracker, one only has to create a torrent with the tracker's announce URL and begin seeding that torrent. No preparation of the tracker is needed or possible. Of course, for all of this to be useful, the torrent file must be distributed by some other means.

OpenTracker complies fully with the BitTorrent tracker specification created by Bram Cohen and detailed on wiki.theory.org. It also supports the automated "scrape" interface.

For information on setting up OpenTracker on your server, please refer to the documentation included in the download archive.

Updates: (released 23-Apr-2009)

  • Changed info_hash and peer_id columns to BINARY type (thanks to Olivier Le Brouster)

Updates: (released 4-Mar-2008)

  • Fixed null tests in bdecode (thanks to Kevin Dion)
  • Changed deprecated curly-brace string indexing notation to square brackets

Updates: (released 16-Feb-2005)

  • Fixed global scrape response for hashes ending in space character

Updates: (released 7-Feb-2005)

  • Added option to require a certain announce protocol (no_peer_id or compact)
  • Fixed queries to handle hashes ending in spaces
  • Improved error handling

Updates: (released 24-Sep-2004)

  • Added support for no_peer_id and compact tracker extensions

Updates: (released 11-Sep-2004)

  • Switched to HEAP table type for better performance
  • Announce and scrape intervals now calculated to keep server load constant

Updates: (released 10-Sep-2004)

  • Fixed bencode algorithm to represent empty array by empty dictionary, not empty list
  • Removed peer_id from database primary key: hash, ip, and port are enough to uniquely identify a download session
  • Scrape interface now returns "min_request_interval" flag

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