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Windows XP Home NTFS Security Shell Extension

Do you hate how Explorer in Windows XP Home Edition doesn't show the Security tab in file and folder property pages? I know I do. This little gem fixes that shortcoming by installing the ACL editor UI module from the Windows NT Security Configuration Editor.

Warning: There has been a report that this utility is missing the checkbox to "Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects." Further, the report claims that installing this utility makes that option unavailable in Safe Mode, as well, and that uninstalling it does not restore the functionality. You have been warned.

To install: Unzip the download file, right-click on rshx.inf and choose Install.

Windows XP Home NTFS Security Shell Extension (12.8 KB)
MD5 Hash: 97ee3b41e32f46713ae11b68e6d7d3ab

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