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UnFREEz 2.1

screen shot [5.27 KB] UnFREEz is a high-speed Windows application that will take any number of images, saved as separate GIF files, and create a single animated GIF from those images. What makes this program unique from its competitors? First and foremost, UnFREEz is freeware, which means you may use it forever without paying a cent or feeling the slightest bit guilty. Secondly, UnFREEz is incredibly tiny, meaning you don't have to spend forever downloading an extremely bloated piece of software. Finally, it is so easy to use. Just drag and drop some GIF files from Explorer, set the frame delay time, and hit Make Animated GIF. UnFREEz will take care of the rest, including automatic interlacing and transparency detection. So download UnFREEz now and try it out for yourself! If you like it, keep it; it's free! This program is written in non-MFC Win32 C++, and should not need any additional files to run.

Attention: If you are experiencing virus alerts for this file, update your virus definitions, as these reports are false. One user writes:

As you suspected it was a false report. Apparently there was a glitch in one of my recent virus definition file updates. However as of today's update, the false report has disappeared. Thank you for your response to my problem.

Instructions: Since a lot of users are writing to me, asking for clarification on how to use UnFREEz, I am including some instructions here. When you run the program, you will see a dialog box appear, like the one above. To add frames to your animation, you must drag and drop GIF files from Windows Explorer to the UnFREEz window. If you are dragging multiple files at a time, holding onto the topmost selected file in Windows Explorer while dragging should preserve the order of the frames. For some reason, holding onto one of the other frames you have selected while dragging messes up the order of the files when they are dropped onto UnFREEz. Please remember that your frames must already be saved in GIF format (UnFREEz does no converting), and that they should be the same dimensions. Some browsers will read animated GIF's with varying frame dimensions, but the results are unpredictable. When you have added all of your frames, you must then input a delay time to use between frames. This time is in centiseconds, or 1/100th of seconds, so 100 centiseconds equals 1 second. Also, you have the option to make the animation loop or just play once through. Once you have everything set, you may click Make Animated GIF. A save file dialog box will appear, where you can name your GIF. Once saved, the resulting animated GIF file should be playable in most web broswers, including but not limited to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Download UnFREEz (19.5 KB)
MD5 Hash: 9f691b203fd37254107b7b359df7d5b1

Hey, guess what! I found the source code for UnFREEz.

Download UnFREEz source code (8.71 KB)
MD5 Hash: 895b7f2779c2a81ba6e19ed49060ed82

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